By way of introduction…

Hello, my name is George. Welcome to Bookstalling, a literary blog where I write about what I read.

There was a lot of time for reading in 2020, what with one thing and another, though it didn’t always feel like it. I raced through books like nobody’s business, picking up a new one before I’d barely put down the last. Well, I want to stop doing that, to slow things down and to think more about what I’m reading. That’s why I’ve set up Bookstalling: to pay attention.

If fellow readers get something out of this, too, then I will be delighted. I welcome discussion and am always looking to expand my literary horizons, so do get in touch with recommendations! I will hopefully not be the only person contributing to this blog (my brother, for one, has agreed to help), so you can expect a range of different opinions coming from this side at least. Let me know yours.

by George Cochrane

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